Circus Skills for Success

If you never got a chance to run away and join the circus, this is the next best thing. Expert jugglers Jack & Jeri Kalvan can teach you and everyone in your group, regardless of shape or size, or coordination level. Everyone can actually learn to juggle. With years of teaching experience, Jack & Jeri have developed efficient and effective methods that maximize your success.

Benefits of juggling:
  • Improves coordination, concentration, and spatial awareness
  • Increases energy and self-esteem, boosts morale
  • Uses both sides of the brain, increases creativity
  • Physical exercise increases blood circulation and oxygen to the brain
  • Reduces stress and sick days

Jack and Jeri have their own circus and stunt training facility in Valley Glen (Los Angeles). They can teach at their facility or they can come to you.

In addition to juggling, Jack and Jeri can also teach many other circus skills including: acrobatics, tumbling, aerial silks, trapeze, unicycling, balancing, wire walking, trampoline, mini-tramp, stunt falls, rola-bola, rolling globe, plate spinning, ball spinning, and more.

Learning circus skills from qualified teachers helps people conquer their self-limiting beliefs and build confidence. With Jack and Jeri, you will exceed your expectations.


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