Circus Skills Workshop for Boosting Morale, Creativity, and Teamwork

The best advantage a company can have is employees who are excited about coming to work.
Jack and Jeri's one-hour or half-day team revitalization does this by getting your team up and moving, working together, and successfully performing feats they thought were impossible.

With years of experience teaching circus skills, Jack and Jeri Kalvan guarantee success with a "hands-on" series of fun physical activities for everyone in your group, regardless of shape or size, or coordination level. Jack and Jeri's efficient and effective teaching methods maximize success and build confidence.

Your team will experience:
  • Cooperation and camaraderie as they learn new skills
  • Trusting others, and focusing and relaxing under pressure
  • Analyzing performance and learning from mistakes
  • Fun, creative challenges that spark innovative thinking

The best part is: these are skills your team will keep and use in the workplace!
You'll get happier employees who enjoy working together, and that leads to greater productivity!

Other benefits of juggling include:
  • Improved coordination, concentration, and spatial awareness
  • Overall physical exercise, increased blood circulation and oxygen to the brain
  • Increased energy and self-esteem
  • Using both sides of the brain; increased creativity
  • Reduced stress and sick days
strength and balance


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teamwork workshop

In conjuction with the workshop, how about a show by Hollywood’s favorite jugglers, Jack and Jeri.

People love to laugh. They also want to be amazed. Jack and Jeri make it all happen with clean comedy and outrageous circus skills. They're also great at getting the audience involved.
This is a show that all ages can enjoy together!

Use them to kick off or emcee an event, inspire teamwork in your employees, liven up a sales meeting, draw crowds into your trade show booth, or simply to provide an evening of clean comedy entertainment. You’ll laugh! You’ll be amazed! You’ll want to take them home!

amazing juggling acrobatics

In conjuction with the workshop, how about a show by Hollywood’s favorite jugglers, Jack and Jeri.

Not only are they world-renowned masters at team juggling and partner acrobatics, they're also a team off-stage as well, married and raising a family together!

They'll perform inspiring displays of circus teamwork and get members of the audience involved for hilarious impromptu collaborations. You'll see the importance of: having a common goal, acknowledging each person's strengths, providing constant communication and feedback, and staying flexible.

In conjuction with the workshop, how about a show by Hollywood’s favorite jugglers, Jack and Jeri.

Jack and Jeri will not only perform the innovative routines that have taken them around the world, they'll also talk about their thought processes when creating the show. They'll demystify the creative process and make it amazingly entertaining.

Former engineer Jack Kalvan has dedicated his life to creating innovative performances (like the world's only Synchronized Flowerpot Drill Team, Trained Slinky act, World's largest Whoopee Cushion, and Juggling 2.0 enhanced with Video Projection). Jeri is a Hollywood stuntwoman and former teacher of creative movement and innovative teaching methods.

strength and balance
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